Steam has launched a free giveaway of the puzzle game Machinika: Museum from the French studio Littlefield Studio. The game will be available until May 27.

Machinika: Museum – це оригінальна пригодницька гра, яка поєднує пошук предметів та інтригуючу історію, натхненну старою шкільною грою-головоломкою Myst і нещодавніми The Room та The House of Da Vinci.

The game takes place in the distant future, where it is not unusual to find machines of alien civilizations, especially in a museum dedicated to them. The player’s task is to get these devices and understand how to repair them.

The puzzle game Machinika is being given away for free on Steam: Museum

The game will offer mind-blowing puzzles to solve, which will require your logical skills and observation, a mysterious sci-fi atmosphere and story, great visuals, mysterious alien machines, intuitive and enjoyable controls. And it will take only 2 to 4 hours to complete.