Emulators in the App Store are being joined by PPSSPP, which is capable of emulating PSP games, Engadget reports. This emulator has been around for almost 12 years, but before that, it was only possible to install it on iPhone via jailbreak.

The application is completely free, but the developer says that a Golden Edition will be available later for $5. A similar paid version of PPSSPP for Android has some additional features, but it generally exists only to allow users to support the developer.

So far, the emulator does not support Magic Keyboard for iPad because the developer initially enabled compatibility using an undocumented API. Retro Achievements are also currently unavailable. These features should appear in future updates.

PPSSPP on other platforms supports the Just-in-time (JIT) compiler, which optimizes the code for smoother performance on a particular platform. However, the version for the App Store does not and will never support it because it is not subject to Apple’s rules, according to the developer.

But iOS devices are generally fast enough to run almost all PSP games at full speed, so users may not notice much difference.

Obviously, PPSSPP is just an emulator itself, the responsibility for finding and running games on it lies with the users themselves.