Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared a report, in which he talked about a new battery for the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max. According to him, Apple’s next flagship will have a battery with a higher energy density.

The higher energy density, measured in Wh/kg, will allow the company to add a battery of the same size as on previous models but with a higher capacity, or to supply a battery with the same capacity but smaller in size.

The increased energy density will also mean higher battery temperatures, which is why the company will start using stainless steel for battery packaging as a thermal solution for the first time.

While aluminum is better at dissipating heat, stainless steel is stronger and less susceptible to corrosion, so in addition to heat dissipation, the packaging will provide better protection for the battery.

In addition, this solution will make it easier to remove the battery from the smartphone, which will be useful in the European Union, which has introduced rules that strengthen the right of customers to repair devices.

If the mass production of such a battery goes according to plan and the company receives good feedback on its use in the iPhone 16 Pro Max, this design could be used for all new iPhone models starting in the second half of 2025.