EPAM announces the rebranding of its education division, known since 2010 as EPAM University. Starting in 2024, all of the company’s global training initiatives will be united under the EPAM Campus brand, offering more than 30 popular IT programs.

Now it is easier to choose a program that matches the knowledge of those who want to master IT. On the EPAM Campus website, everyone can take a navigation test to determine their skill level, get acquainted with detailed roadmaps for various IT professions, and build a trajectory for their own professional development.

“This change is the result of many years of transformation of the company’s educational programs and its global approach to IT education. We are growing and adapting to the changes in the technology industry, continuing to provide quality education and support for talents in this field,” said Denys Hrynev, Head of Education Programs at EPAM Ukraine.

EPAM Campus offers in-house training. For many newcomers, the company’s programs are the first steps to a career. For example, last year more than 200 graduates joined EPAM as junior specialists. Most often, they joined in the Data and Testing areas.

“Registration for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials training program for Ukrainians who are just starting to get acquainted with cloud technologies is now open. Participants who complete individual training modules and testing will receive free vouchers for the AWS certification exam to confirm their skills. There is also always an opportunity for beginners to take training on their own in the areas of .Net, Java, FrontEnd, etc.”, the company added.

In addition, Campus has been implementing social education projects for many years. Among them is the Pre-Junior Program, which offers free education for Ukrainian high school students. More than 600 participants have successfully completed the program with in-depth study of cloud technologies, FrontEnd, and programming languages, gaining fundamental knowledge in the field of IT.

The Teachers Internship program helps educators not only gain in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical experience but also see the work of an IT company and the industry in general from the inside. In 2024, more than 320 teachers joined the program, which, among other things, allowed them to get to know AI tools better.