VMware Fusion Pro 13, a Windows 11 emulator for Mac, is now free for personal use. Previously, the program cost as much as $199 for users. Professional use will still require a paid license. This is reported by TechRadar.

VMware Fusion Pro 13 is software for virtualizing Windows environments and running x86 applications on iMacs and MacBooks.

To use VMware Fusion Pro 13, you will need an account, which can be created on the Broadcom support website, after which you can download the software.

VMware Fusion Pro 13 allows you to run multiple virtual machines, which means that you can actually have your own virtual network localized on one device.

Keep in mind that running VMware Fusion Pro 13 on M2 and M3 chips means that the user will be limited by the performance of the SoC. Although Apple’s current line of laptops and computers are powerful and have good integrated graphics, they cannot match the capabilities of the best graphics cards.