The story surrounding the failed advertisement for Apple’s new iPad Pro is not going away. Samsung is now making fun of the video that recently made a lot of noise. This was reported by The Verge.

It is a video in which a hydraulic press destroys various objects, including musical instruments. In the short video, a guitar and a piano are literally crushed – watching this ad makes you feel sad and even angry.

The video was shown on May 7 by Apple CEO Tim Cook, and the company also posted it on YouTube. However, due to audience criticism, the manufacturer took an unusual step and apologized for the ad. He also decided not to air it on television.

Now Samsung Mobile has “intervened” in the situation. Another video has appeared on the X platform with the signature UnCrush. In it, a girl steps over debris and spilled paint, reminiscent of the ending of the Apple video.

After that, she picks up a mangled guitar and begins to strum a tune. At this point, the girl looks at the sheet music, which, of course, is displayed on the Galaxy Tab S9 tablet. At the end, an inscription appears: “Creativity cannot be crushed.”