Sony has announced new games that will be available for PS Plus Premium and PS Plus Extra subscribers starting May 21.

PlayStation Plus Extra ta Premium catalog

Red Dead Redemption 2 | PS4

Magnum opus Rockstar Games. Live a lifetime in the Wild West with Arthur Morgan, Dutch Van Der Linde, and other colorful characters.

Deceive Inc. | PS5

A multiplayer disco-style spy game. It offers a wide range of agents, each of which provides a unique style of play due to their skills.

The Sims 4 City Living | PS4

An expansion pack for The Sims 4 that adds a lot of urban activities. Players will be able to move their Sims into a cramped apartment instead of a large house, explore a densely populated city, attend concerts, festivals, and more.

The add-on requires the main game, which is distributed separately.

Ps Plus

Crime Boss: Rockay City | PS5

This is a game about organized crime that combines a first-person shooter with turf wars, and players will be able to take on the role of a young mafia man who will make his way to the top of the underworld.

The Settlers: New Allies | PS4

A strategy game with a focus on urban planning. The game offers three different factions: Elari, Maru, and Jorn. Each of the factions has its own special gameplay.

Stranded: Alien Dawn | PS4, PS5

This is a strategic survival simulator for a group of people on an alien planet. Explore uncharted spaces, build a base, and defend yourself against the local fauna.

Cat Quest 1 та 2 | PS4

A humorous adventure role-playing game set in a fantasy animal world.

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame | PS4

Emmett, the main LEGO hero, will have to go on an exciting adventure and fight off the LEGO aliens who have kidnapped his LEGO friends.

Watch Dogs | PS4

The game that was one of the first to promise players the very next gen back in 2012. Its appearance in the PlayStation catalog is a good reason for old players to remember the game, and for new ones to get acquainted with Aiden Pierce and his story.

Will also be available as part of PlayStation Premium | Classics:

  • 2Xtreme;
  • G-Police ;
  • Worms Pinball.