YouTuber Zach Nelson is well known for his YouTube videos in which he puts various devices to the test. Now he has tested the new iPad Pro with M4, which is the thinnest device in Apple’s history.

First of all, he noticed that the tablet was not perfectly flat when it came out of the box, but was slightly curved. He believes that most devices will have this problem because of their small thickness, which is only 5.1 millimeters.

The YouTuber conducted many tests for resistance to scratches and other damage. But the most interesting thing happened when the YouTuber tried to bend the tablet.

When bent in landscape orientation, the iPad Pro holds up surprisingly well, even though Zach Nelson used a lot of force and made several attempts to bend the tablet. However, it will definitely bend a bit with frequent use.

When the youtuber tried to bend the tablet in portrait orientation, the iPad Pro was not strong enough. It is likely that the owners of Apple’s new product will not try to deliberately break their device, but in everyday use it should still “hold a punch.”