Google is updating Circle to Search, a feature that allows you to literally circle something on your Android smartphone screen to find it on Google. Now users will be able to receive tips for solving school math and physics problems. The company announced the improvement at the Google I/O conference.

The feature will not just give an answer to a given problem, but will provide hints for solving it step by step. Google assures that it will not do homework instead of students, but will only help. Google clearly positions this feature as one that supports education.

Google I O Circle to cearch

In the future, Circle to Search will also be able to solve complex mathematical equations that include formulas, charts, graphs, etc.

To implement the new features of Circle to Search, Google is using LearnLM, its new artificial intelligence model focused on learning processes.

Circle to Search first appeared on Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series smartphones in January, followed by the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro later that month.