It looks like JAWA motorcycles are coming back to Ukraine! Several sources have reported similar news at once, the site is already up and running, and models and prices have been announced. And what do we have today?

JAWA motorcycles have a 95-year history and originate from the Czech Republic. However, the company now cooperates with the Indian MAHINDRA GROUP and offers several models, both of classic design and construction and completely new ones. For example, a range of six JAWA models has been announced for Ukraine.

It all starts with JAWA motorcycles with a classic 2-cylinder air-cooled engine – such models cost 5300-5800 euros. But there are also more modern JAWA motorcycles available: with a 1-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, ABS and even a 5- or 6-speed transmission. Such middle-class JAWA motorcycles are estimated at 6000-6200 euros.

Finally, the flagship model is the JAWA 350 PERAK, a motorcycle that combines retro style with the most modern technology currently available in the JAWA range. The price is appropriate – 6900 euros. So what do you think: what do you think of the motorcycles and their prices?