Sony has announced that its operating profit in fiscal 2023 decreased by 7% compared to the previous year due to weaker results of its financial division. This was reported by CNBC.

The Japanese company’s operating profit in the year ended March amounted to 1.2 trillion yen ($7.67 billion). At the same time, Sony’s revenue increased by 19% to 13 trillion yen ($83.1 billion) last fiscal year.

Sony explained that its financial services business was the main segment that contributed to the decline in profits. In 2023, the division’s operating profit fell to 173.6 billion yen ($1.1 billion).

As for PlayStation 5 sales, they amounted to 20.8 million units in fiscal 2023. This is slightly lower than the company’s recently revised estimates – back in February, its forecast for sales was estimated at 21 million units. Prior to that, the company planned to sell 25 million consoles in fiscal 2023.

In the current fiscal year, which will end in March 2025, the Japanese giant expects to sell 18 million units of PlayStation 5.