Sony has appointed two new heads of PlayStation – Hermann Hulst and Hideaki Nishino. They will replace Jim Ryan, who resigned, and will take up their duties on June 1, The Verge reports.

Hermann Hulst will step down as head of PlayStation Studios and become CEO of the Studio Business Group, which includes all major Sony studios and develops films and TV series based on the company’s franchises.

Hideaki Nishino has been serving as Senior Vice President of Platform Experiences until now. He will be the CEO of the Platform Business Group, which works on consoles, technology, accessories, PSN, and collaborates with other publishers and indie developers.

The new executives will report to Sony’s CFO and chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) Hiroki Totoki.

Totoki has been acting as Sony’s interim CEO and has been working to find a successor to the CEO position, but now Sony has decided to split the responsibilities of running the PlayStation business between the platform and games.