In the US, parents are suing gaming companies. They accuse the industry representatives of provoking addiction in children. This was reported by Bloomberg.

Kushanel Donerson says her 14-year-old child has played Call of Duty, NBA 2K, Grand Theft Auto V, and Roblox so much over the past nine years that it has caused brain damage, stroke, and seizures.

Jaclyn Angelilli says that her 9-year-old child has also been playing these games “at an increasing and uncontrollable pace” since the age of 6 and has been diagnosed with numerous mental disorders.

Complaints have been pouring in since last year, when hundreds of other families were granted permission to file similar lawsuits against major social media companies.

The parents’ attorneys are trying to group more than a dozen video game addiction lawsuits before a single federal judge in a hearing scheduled for May 30 in Salt Lake City.

Donerson and Angelilli’s lawsuits are now targeting Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Roblox, and Epic Games. Almost all of these companies are part of the Entertainment Software Association, which denies the allegations.

“We prioritize creating positive experiences for the entire player community and provide easy-to-use tools for players, parents and caregivers to manage numerous aspects of gameplay. Claims that say otherwise are not rooted in fact and ignore the reality that billions of people globally, of all ages and backgrounds, play video games in a healthy, balanced way,” the association said in a statement.