Google, in collaboration with HP, will launch its Starline 3D conferencing project in 2025. The company announced this in its blog post on the eve of Google I/O.

Google started working on the Starline project in 2021. The idea is to create the illusion of the interlocutor’s presence in the same room using a 3D image and a specially designed screen.

Google plans to start commercializing the project in 2025. The company is also working on integrating Starline with popular video conferencing services such as Zoom and Google Meet.

Google Starline

“With more than half of meaning and intent communicated through body language versus words alone, an immersive collaboration experience plays an important role in creating authentic human connections in hybrid environments. We are proud to partner with Google to bring this technology to market, harnessing the power of AI to shape the future of collaboration,” writes Alex Cho, President of HP’s Personal Systems.