Anthropic, an artificial intelligence startup, has announced the launch of its bot called Claude in Europe, including Ukraine. It will be available to users and businesses through a browser and an iPhone app, CNBC reports.

Claude is fluent in French, German, Italian, Spanish, German and other European languages, including Ukrainian.


The Claude Pro subscription costs $20 per month and provides access to Claude 3 Opus, Anthropic’s most advanced offering.

Anthropic is also launching its business-oriented Claude Team subscription, which costs $30 per month.

Anthropic has quickly become one of the loudest and most publicized companies in the generative AI market. Last fall, it became known that Amazon was making a significant step in the field of artificial intelligence by investing up to $4 billion in the startup.

This investment has become a matter of concern for some regulators, who fear that it could reduce the company’s independence.

In the United Kingdom, regulators are assessing whether Amazon’s investment and partnership with Anthropic could constitute a merger that could reduce competition.

Amazon says its partnership with Anthropic is a limited corporate investment, not a merger.