Images of the next “AI laptops” Dell Inspiron 14 7441 Plus and XPS 13 9345, which will have a Copilot key for working with artificial intelligence, have been leaked by Windows Report.

Dell Inspiron 14 7441 Plus

This model will reportedly feature a 16-core Snapdragon X Elite chip.

The leaked specs also mention that the Inspiron 14 7441 Plus will be released with Windows 11 24H2 Preview Build, which will add a new AI Explorer and many other artificial intelligence features.


It will be interesting to see how AI Explorer performs with 16 GB of RAM, as this is the base RAM capacity this model will be equipped with.

The laptop will have rounded edges, two USB-C and one USB-A ports, and a microSD card slot.


The laptop will have a built-in fingerprint scanner in the power button. Also, above the display, you can see a wide front camera unit with various sensors, which suggests that the laptop will also support face scanning.

Dell XPS 13 9345

The design of the XPS 13 9345 is very similar to the Dell XPS 13 Plus, which appeared in 2023. Of course, the future model will also have a separate Copilot key.


It is reported that the XPS 13 9345 will come in 2 configurations, both with Intel Ultra and Snapdragon X Elite processors. The same goes for the RAM: the laptops are expected to have 16 GB or 32 GB of RAM.


The laptop will have two USB-C ports. Also, the F-keys will be made in the form of a touch panel, which the manufacturer has already practiced in this line.

It is reported that the entire part of the topcase under the keyboard will serve as a trackpad, as in the XPS 13 Plus.

The laptop is expected to have a 13-inch OLED screen and will be the most expensive Dell model of this generation.

It is not yet known when Dell will officially unveil its new laptops. It is likely to happen before the Windows 11 update to version 24H2. This update will focus on the integration of artificial intelligence and is due out this fall. Windows Report suggests that we can expect it in August-September this year.