A new report from Mercury Research shows that AMD’s share of the CPU market has grown this year. Not enough to take away Intel’s confident leadership, but the difference is steadily decreasing, PC Gamer reports.

Intel has long held a market share lead over AMD, but since the launch of the first-generation Ryzen family of processors in 2017, AMD has been slowly closing the gap.

Excluding the disruptions caused by the pandemic, AMD’s sales of servers, mobile and desktop computers have been growing for years, although Intel still maintains a significant advantage in all three categories.

AMD continues to win the server market thanks to strong sales of its 4th generation Epyc processors. AMD’s share in this segment grew by 5.6% compared to 2023, giving it a 23.6% share of the total server market.

The share of its revenue from server sales increased to 33%, a company record. This indicates that sales of high-margin products are going very well.

In the PC market, AMD increased its share by 4.7% year-on-year, giving it 23.9% of the x86-based desktop market.

AMD’s share of revenue from desktop PC sales was 19.2%, up from 15.4% a year earlier.

AMD’s share of the laptop market increased from 16.2% in the first quarter of 2023 to 19.3% in the first quarter of 2024. This is a significant increase, although it still lags behind the market share of desktops and servers.

AMD’s revenue share in this sector was 14.9%, up from 10.9% last year.