Last year, ASUS released its own portable gaming system ROG Ally (see our review), a very interesting Windows “console” based on AMD Ryzen APU. And now the company has announced that in the second half of this year it plans to release an updated version of it – ROG Ally X.

The system will not receive a major upgrade – it will not be the “next generation”, ROG Ally X will be based on the same AMD Ryzen Z1 Zen 4 chipset and will have the same 7-inch Full HD screen with an adaptive frequency of 48-120 Hz.

The main difference will be significantly improved battery life, which was perhaps the main drawback of the original system (in our tests, ROG Ally lasted less than 2 hours in games on battery power). And the manufacturer will achieve this not by optimizing the platform, but by installing a much larger battery.

According to The Verge, in a conversation with them, the company’s senior vice president Sean Yen assured that the device’s battery life will increase by “well over 40%”. The exact specifications have not yet been disclosed, but according to Sean Yen, ROG Ally X will run games on battery power for more than 3 hours in the worst-case scenario.

Also, the updated version will increase the RAM capacity (again, it is not known by how much) and will allow the installation of a “standard” SSD: ROG Ally X will have a slot for M.2 2280 instead of the current M.2 2230.

In addition, the manufacturer promises new joystick modules that can be repaired and even replaced, and improved case ergonomics. Speaking of the case, ROG Ally X will come in a more familiar black color.

The updated system will be offered at a slightly higher price, while the original ROG Ally will also remain on sale and may receive a discount.