Samsung has released a new 114-inch MICRO LED TV worth about $132,630. To encourage buyers, they are being given another, but cheaper one. This is reported by TechSpot.

In addition to the main TV, the company will give away an 85-inch Neo QLED TV worth $8,000 and a discount on a JBL L100 MK2 speaker, which costs about $4,000.

In addition, buyers who purchase the TV this month will also receive a free voucher for a stay at the Signiel Seoul Hotel worth about $2200.

Currently, the new Samsung TV is only available in South Korea and it is not yet known when it will be available in other countries.

In general, the price of MICRO LED TVs is so high that only a few thousand of them are sold worldwide per year, which is less than 1% of all TV sales, which are about 200 million per year.

In addition to size, the high price is also due to the fact that MICRO LED has brighter colors, better energy efficiency, faster response time, and higher brightness than OLED. MICRO LED also uses an inorganic LED structure, which ensures a longer lifespan than OLED and no burn-in problems.