Google has released a new version of ChromeOS M124. The update, among other things, optimizes the split-screen option and introduces a new web traffic prioritization feature, The Verge reports.

ChromeOS settings will now look identical on Android tablets after the Material You redesign. Each section will now open as a separate page.

The new “Faster split screen setup” feature will be familiar to Windows users. When you pin an app to one side of the screen, previews of other apps will appear on the other side.

The program will automatically occupy the other half of the screen when the user clicks on it. Before that, users had to switch to another app and repeat the process of pinning it next to them.

Google has also added the Wi-Fi Quality of Service (QoS) feature to ChromeOS. The idea, similar to the QoS feature in routers, is that Chromebooks will prioritize things like video calls and online gaming when your Wi-Fi network is congested.

If it works well, this could mean better video call quality, less buffering when streaming, and a smoother online gaming experience.

ChromeOS will now support carrier lock-in, so providers will be able to sell Chromebooks that only work with their internet.

There will also be a new two-finger gesture on the trackpad to close notifications. ChromeOS will support the ability to enable digital pan, tilt, and zoom even on cameras that do not support Super-Res Zoom.

As is often the case, Google does not release updates at the same time. The new version of ChromeOS M124 will be available on compatible Chromebooks in the “coming days”.