Microsoft has admitted that the April Windows update has a problem that breaks VPN connections for some users. This was reported by Bleeping Computer.

Microsoft is currently investigating complaints from users and promises to provide more information on the topic in the coming days. A solution to the problem should appear in the next build of the OS.

As of now, the company does not offer any workarounds for users whose VPN connection is broken. Instead, Microsoft asks home PC owners and business users to contact support for help.

The problem exists in security updates and preview version updates of the operating system.

Among the versions for customers are: Windows 11 22H2/23H2 (KB5036893), 21H2 (KB5036894), and Windows 10 (KB5036892).

The problem also exists on the following server versions of the OS: Windows Server 2022 (KB5036909), 2019 (KB5036896), 2016 (KB5036899), 2012 R2 (KB5036960), 2012 (KB5036969), 2008 R2 (KB5036967), 2008 (KB5036932).