In the United States, the second Westinghouse AP1000 Generation III+ reactor was put into commercial operation at the Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant near Waynesboro, Georgia. It was launched at Unit 4, the company’s press service reports.

“Together with Vogtle Unit 3, which was placed into commercial operation in July 23, and the two existing water-water reactors at the site, Unit 4 will play a leading role in securing a carbon-free future for the United States,” Westinghouse said in a statement.

The company explained that power units 3 and 4 are capable of generating enough electricity to power about 500,000 households and businesses. In addition, the new units should ensure reliable power supply to the region for the next 60-80 years.

“I am pleased to announce the successful deployment of AP1000 technology for Vogtle Unit 4, making Vogtle the largest clean energy source in the United States,” said Patrick Fragman, President and CEO of Westinghouse.

The company clarified that AP1000 is the world’s only Generation III+ reactor with fully passive safety systems, modular design and the best power (MW) to footprint ratio on the market.