A high school physical education teacher in Baltimore County, USA, has been arrested and charged with using an AI voice cloning service to frame the school principal, The Verge reports.

Baltimore County police believe that a recording of Pikesville High School Principal Eric Eisvert making racist and anti-Semitic comments was faked. Experts told police that the recording, which briefly led to Eisvert’s suspension, has “a flat tone, unusually clear background sounds, and no consistent breathing sounds or pauses.”

Baltimore County police traced the recording to Dajon Darien, the school’s former athletic director, whose name is also mentioned in the audio. He reportedly had access to school computers and OpenAI tools and Microsoft Bing Chat services. Darien is also reportedly involved in the distribution of the audio recording.

It is not known what kind of voice platform with artificial intelligence Darien used.

“It’s believed Mr. Darien, who was an Athletic Director at Pikesville High School, made the recording to retaliate against Mr. Eiswert who at the time was pursuing an investigation into the potential mishandling of school funds,” police said after the teacher’s arrest.

He was released after posting bail and faces charges of theft (in connection with a problem with school funds), obstructing the work of the school, retaliation against a witness, and harassment.