Ukrainian indie studio Berko Games has announced Jitter, a sci-fi space exploration game that combines game mechanics from such well-known projects as FTL: Faster Than Light, Heat Signature, and Noita. Jitter has a Steam page, a preliminary release date of 2025, and a full trailer.

According to the game’s plot, a mysterious accident caused large-scale destruction of a mining colony in the Main Asteroid Belt. You play as the AI of a spaceship that has to find and rescue the lost members of its crew.

Game features: the ability to complete each mission in different ways; environment destruction mechanics that encourage you to look for unexpected solutions to solve problems; a system for customizing, improving, and building a ship with new modules; simulation of the life support system; boardings and space battles; crew management.

We have already written about the Jitter project, then called Jitter Sandbox, in the article Dedicated to Ukrainian Games 2023, when only one person, Serhiy Kryvosheya, was involved in the project. Now, the developer seems to have found like-minded people and teamed up with them to form Berko Games studio.

And although the release of Jitter is still quite a long way off, we recommend adding this game to your Wish List and subscribing to updates, as the project looks very interesting.