Insider Ross Young said that the new generation of iPad Air will have Mini LED displays, following the current iPad Pro. This was reported by GSMArena.

The switch to Mini LED for the 12.9-inch iPad Air will reduce power consumption, increase brightness for HDR content and provide deeper blacks compared to the IPS LCD used in the current iPad Air.

Given the poor sales of the current generation iPad Pro, it is not surprising that the company has a large number of 12.9-inch Mini LED panels left. So it seems that the company has decided to “recycle” them in the next generation.

This could be good news for those users who were attracted to the form factor but didn’t want to overpay for other aspects of the Pro model.

Although Yang did not say anything about the future display technology that will be used in the 10.9-inch iPad Air, it is logical to assume that it will still have IPS.

Apple is expected to unveil new iPad Air models next month.