Quentin Tarantino was preparing to shoot his tenth and final film, The Movie Critic, this year, but decided to abandon the idea completely. This was reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The director started working on the movie in 2023. The film was supposed to take place in 1977 in California and tell the story of an irreverent critic who reviews mainstream films for the porn magazine The Popstar Pages.

The film was scheduled to shoot for one day in August in order to receive a $20.5 million tax credit from California, and full production was to begin in early 2025.

It was rumored that Tarantino offered Brad Pitt the role of Cliff Booth, the same stuntman from the movie Once Upon a Time in… Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, but it seems that this will not happen.

It is reported that now Quentin Tarantino has returned to work on finding ideas for a new film.