The cult of difficulty around From Software games has always attracted the attention of streamers and other content creators. However, the complexity provided by the developers is no longer enough, so enthusiasts have begun to resort to the most creative ways to complete the game.

For example, MissMikkaa completed Elden Ring on a dance mat, and SuperLouis64 completed Dark Souls 3 on a controller made of bananas. Perrikaryal beat Elden Ring with the power of thought, and DrDeComposing beat it with a saxophone.

Recently, streamer Silithur managed to kill Elden Beast, the final boss of Elden Ring, using only Morse code and a single button press. The streamer reported this in his X.

“”Just to let you know, we finished Elden Ring with a bang yesterday, reaching and killing all the bosses I can remember. It was a real adventure and I haven’t ventured into another challenge of this caliber in years. Thank you to everyone who has been with me along the way. The challenge is over,” he said in a post.