Following a recent beta test, the third-party iOS app store AltStore PAL has launched in the European Union, The Verge reports. The store requires an annual subscription of €1.50 to cover Apple’s core technology fee (CTF).

Installing AltStore PAL requires going through a lot of Apple warnings that ask if you are sure you want to install an application not from the App Store. But with persistence and enough clicks, it eventually gets installed.

The new store has two applications available from the start, both developed by the store’s developer, Riley Testut: Delta, an emulator that can run games for the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS; and Clip, a clipboard manager that is not allowed by Apple.

Delta emulator is also available through the App Store for anyone outside of Europe.

AltStore PAL integrates Patreon for monetization and will support developers who distribute beta versions of apps as a reward for crowdsourced funding, which is prohibited in the App Store.

The Delta emulator is free, most likely as a compensation for the marketplace itself, but Clip requires a minimum monthly contribution of €1 on Patreon.

Both apps are not brand new, and neither is the app store in which they run. The AltStore has been around since 2019 for iOS, but until now, it hasn’t been that easy to install.

Now, thanks to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), Delta and Clip are getting a legal launch on the AltStore PAL app market in the EU.

The developer says that AltStore PAL is also open to third-party applications. Unlike Apple’s centralized App Store, the plan is that AltStore PAL applications will be hosted by developers on their own servers, and users will have to add additional sources to the app market to download software created by other developers.