The European Commission requires TikTok to provide a risk assessment of TikTok Lite, which was launched this month in Spain and France, within 24 hours. This was reported by Reuters.

The European Commission is concerned about the potential impact of Lite on the mental health of children and other users of the service. The company has to provide an assessment by April 18. Such requirements are part of the Digital Services Act (DSA).

“This concerns the potential impact of the new Task and Reward Lite program on the protection of minors, as well as on the mental health of users, in particular due to the potential stimulation of addictive behavior,” the document, seen by Reuters, says. “TikTok must provide a risk assessment of TikTok Lite within 24 hours and other necessary information by April 26, 2024, after which the Commission will analyze TikTok’s response and then assess the next steps”.

As a reminder, in February, the European Union already launched an investigation into TikTok for compliance with the Digital Services Act. If violations are found, ByteDance may be fined 6% of the company’s global turnover.