Project Hover is the first in-house game by Ukrainian outsourcing studio Ulysses Graphics

The well-known Ukrainian game outsourcing studio Ulysses Graphics, which has worked on such franchises as Call of Duty, Monster Hunter, Hitman, Farming Simulator, etc., is launching its own game project – Project Hover. This was announced in the Game Developers – Ukraine community by Roman Bychkov, HR & Recruiter Manage at Ulysses Graphics.

According to the post, Project Hover is a retro-futuristic car race with antigravs (who said Hover Ace?!), multiplayer, cool old cars, and more. So far, a small team of 10 people is working on the project, with plans to increase the staff in the fall. Ulysses Graphics is currently finalizing the game’s trailer and gameplay.

Screenshot from the game Project Hover

The studio plans to release Project Hover in Steam Early Access and later on PlayStation 5. Those interested in participating in testing, providing feedback, etc. are invited to join the game’s Discord community.

Established in 2005, Ulysses Graphics is one of the largest Ukrainian outsourcing studios, one of the Top 25 Game Development Companies in Ukraine, specializing in 2D/3D art and animation. The studio employs over 100 people.

Art for the game Project Hover

This is not the first in-house project launched by Ukrainian outsourcing teams. We can mention at least the cooperative Speed Crew by Wild Fields / N-iX Game & VR Studio, announcements of Discovery by Stepico Games and SAND by Hologryph, Corsairs Legacy by Mauris. This can be explained by a decrease in the number of outsourced orders due to the crisis in the gaming industry and the war in Ukraine, as well as the fact that outsourcing companies have grown enough to diversify their business and try to create their own games.

We wish Ulysses Graphics all the best and look forward to the Project Hover trailer.