In 2023, Pimax released a virtual reality headset called Pimax Crystal. This week, the company held a presentation of Pimax Frontier 2024, announcing two new editions of Pimax Crystal that add unique features.

Pimax announces two new unique VR headsets

Pimax Crystal Light

This headset is a special offer from Pimax, it is not a standalone headset like Crystal and is designed specifically for use with a PC. Eliminating the battery and other standalone modules reduced the headset’s weight by 30% and its price to $699. This makes it a compelling choice in the current VR market. It is already available for pre-order.

Pimax announces two new unique VR headsets

Pimax Crystal Super

According to the developer, this is an ultra-high-end headset with significantly better features and functions than the original Pimax Crystal.

The Super version can use one of the additional removable modules. Or “3840×3840 per eye” based on a QLED screen and refresh rate up to 120 Hz. Or “4K per eye” with micro-OLED displays and a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

With these differences in mind, the Super QLED model costs 1799 USD, while the Super Micro-OLED costs 1999 USD. If you don’t want to choose, you can get a set with both screens for $2,399. These options can be reserved now and will ship sometime in Q4 2024.

Pimax announces two new unique VR headsets

Pimax Airlink

In addition to the headsets, Pimax also introduced the 60G Airlink module, which provides high-fidelity wireless virtual reality on Pimax Crystal and Crystal Super using WiGig technology. This module is an add-on that costs $299.

Pimax announces two new unique VR headsets

You can also watch the presentation in video format: