Kickstarter introduces a new feature called Late Pledges. This is an opportunity for users to continue supporting projects even after the original campaign has ended.

“The end of a campaign shouldn’t mean the end of support. Whether you’ve just stumbled upon a project where the funding period has already ended or you’re a creator looking to keep the momentum going, we believe the spirit of support and discovery should continue even after the campaign clock runs out,” they wrote in the announcement.

A select group of creators already have access to the feature. The way it works is that after a campaign has reached its funding goal, creators can continue to collect contributions from fans and people who want to support a project.

The reasoning behind the introduction of this feature is that there are often people who would like to support certain projects or ideas, but the campaign has already been closed. Or creators need additional funding, which is why they had to turn to other services like Patreon. Now, all of this can be done on Kickstarter.

“It’s our way of keeping the door open for more support, more backers, and more success for the incredible projects that make Kickstarter what it is,” the statement reads.

Late Pledges will be available to all creators soon, while the company will expand payment methods to include AmEx cardholders and Apple Pay users.