Boston Dynamics has unveiled the fully electric humanoid robot Atlas. According to the American company, it is based on decades of research.

The development confirms Boston Dynamics’ commitment to creating the most efficient and useful mobile robots capable of solving the most complex tasks in industry.

Boston Dynamics made the announcement shortly after it retired the Atlas hydraulic robot. On this occasion, the company showed a selection of cool and funny moments during the tests – the humanoid jumps, dances, and, of course, falls a lot.

Now the manufacturer assures that the electric version of the Atlas will be stronger and have a wider range of motion. For example, the latest generation of hydraulic Atlas (HD Atlas) could lift and maneuver objects of various shapes and sizes. The new Boston Dynamics development will be able to do even more.

“We are continuing to build on those existing capabilities and are exploring several new gripper variations to meet a diverse set of expected manipulation needs in customer environments,” the company’s blog says.

Boston Dynamics says that the electric robot will be used by the Hyundai team first. In the coming months and years, the company is looking forward to showing what a dynamic humanoid robot is really capable of in the lab, on the factory floor, and in our lives.