Twenty-second: Stories of Underground Kharkiv, a game dedicated to the beginning of the full-scale invasion in Kharkiv and the Kharkiv subway, has been released on Steam.

As a reminder, Twenty-second: Stories of Underground Kharkiv is an adventurous project by Vitaliy Chyzh (Brenntkopf Studio Kharkiv), in which he tries to convey his own memories and feelings of many Kharkiv residents in February-March 2022.

The main character of the game is a history teacher who tries to live an ordinary life in the unusual conditions of the Kharkiv metro station “August 23”. Preparing for lessons, preparing places of refuge for people, participating in the life of the station, helping others. The events of the game last for 6 days.

“Twenty-second: Stories of Underground Kharkiv” is available for free by downloading the game from the author’s Google Drive or purchasing it on Steam for a symbolic price of 50 UAH. 85% of the money raised from the sales will go to the needs of the DIU’s Kraken special forces unit, whose story is also featured in the game.