Fallout games have seen a significant increase in the number of players after the release of the series from Amazon

As expected, Amazon’s Fallout series returned players to all Fallout games. The biggest success was achieved by Fallout 76, which updated the record for the number of players on Steam, set back in 2020.

According to SteamDB, 39,455 people were playing Fallout 76 simultaneously this Sunday. The previous record in 2020 was 33 thousand players and was set during the free weekend. Now Fallout 76 is also having a free weekend in honor of the series release, which will last for another 3 days. In addition, the basic version of Fallout 76 can be purchased with an 80% discount for only 106 UAH until April 19, 2024.

Other Fallout games also received a good boost from the series. The number of players in the original Fallout increased 10 times, from 245 people on April 10 to 2,352 people on April 15. In Fallout 2 – 4 times from 263 players to 1,062 players. Fallout 3 from 810 to 6,731. Fallout: New Vegas from 5 thousand to 19 505. Fallout 4 from 18 thousand to 83 491. Even Fallout Tactics and Fallout Shelter received a 3-4 times increase in the number of players.

Which Fallout game have you started to play through?