YouTube is launching new features that will allow creators to create collections for purchase, better plan their paid videos, quickly monetize old videos, and much more. TechCrunch writes about it.

Collections will appear in the author’s product list, on the Store tab, and in the video description. Currently, collections can only be created using the Studio mobile app, but YouTube promises that this feature will soon be available on the website.

In addition, YouTube is launching a new Affiliate Hub in its app to make it easier for creators to find information about the latest list of trading partners, competitive commission rates, and promo codes.

YouTube is also adding Fourthwall, a website builder for creating online stores, to its list of integrated platforms. By allowing users to connect their stores to Fourthwall, YouTube makes it easier for them to create and manage content directly from within YouTube Studio. YouTube already offers integrations with Shopify, Spreadshop, and Spring.

By the way, it was recently reported that video creators on YouTube now have to label realistic videos created by AI.