Starting this fall, Apple will allow the use of used parts to repair iPhone 15 and newer models. The company announced this in an interview with The Washington Post.

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering John Turnus said that the company will not supply used parts to repair shops or technicians. He also noted that this policy is not planned to be extended to older iPhone models.

Nevertheless, such changes will still have positive consequences for users, as they will now have a more affordable option for smartphone repair.

Previously, if parts from other smartphones were used for repairs, certain functions, such as True Tone, would stop working. But now there will be no such restrictions.

The thing is that until now, spare parts were “tied” to the smartphone, and the only way to restore full functionality was to contact Apple’s authorized repair services. The problem was that it was very expensive.

With the upcoming changes, the communication between the smartphone and the new parts will take place directly on the phone and will not require the intervention of authorized repairers.

Apple has also announced that it is extending the Activation Lock feature to spare parts inside the iPhone. This means that it will not be possible to use parts from stolen smartphones for repairs, as they will not receive the necessary settings for proper operation.