Adobe Inc. has started buying video to create its own AI generator that converts text into video. In this way, it is trying to catch up with competitors after OpenAI demonstrated a similar technology, Bloomberg writes.

According to the documents, Adobe invites its network of photographers and artists to send videos of people going about their daily routines. In this way, the company seeks to obtain resources for AI training.

Adobe asks for more than 100 short videos depicting people performing certain actions and interacting with objects such as smartphones.

At the same time, the company warns against submitting copyrighted materials or those containing nudity or offensive content. The average fee for videos is about $2.62 per minute, although it can go up to $7.25 per minute.

Over the past year, Adobe has focused on adding generative AI features to its software portfolio, including Photoshop and Illustrator.

However, OpenAI’s demonstration of its Sora video creation model has raised concerns among investors that the new technology could undermine the longtime leader in software for creative professionals.

Adobe said it is working on video creation technology and plans to discuss it later this year.