Dutch company Fairphone is launching its own version of wireless headphones with easily replaceable batteries and a replaceable cell in the charging case, Engadget reports.

They are called Fairbuds and look similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. Fairphone promises six hours of battery life on a single charge and another 20 hours in the box.

The headphones have a standard list of features, including ANC, multi-point connectivity, and IP54 sweat and water resistance. Fairphone claims that the Fairbuds are made from 70% recycled and environmentally friendly materials.

To replace the battery in the headphones, users only need a small flathead screwdriver to remove the rubber gasket. After that, you need to gently pry up the hinged holder, and the battery will easily come out of it.

Similarly, the charging case has a replaceable battery that is held in place with a single Phillips head screw. A few turns and the charging plate pops out, revealing the 500 mAh cell underneath.

Users will be able to purchase all replaceable components in the Fairphone online spare parts store.

The price of the headphones is €149, but Fairphone products are not yet officially available in Ukraine, but this may change in the near future. The company’s new director announced plans to enter 23 new markets and significantly reduce the price of its products.