Andriy Kostiushko, director of Kyiv-based Creoteam (Collapse, Football, Tactics & Glory), presented Threads of War, a game he is developing in his spare time with his 11-year-old son.

Threads of War is a variation of the well-known Battle City game (1985, Famicom), known in Ukraine as “Tankyky”. As it should be in modern indie games, there are roguelike elements, and the game is set in 2022 and the liberation of Ukrainian cities from Russian encirclement or occupation.

The player will start in Gostomel, continue in Kyiv, liberate a number of other cities, and end with the final “boss” 2022: the Battle of Kherson. Between cities, you can choose bonuses that will affect the style of play. In case of defeat, the player will gain experience and unlock new bonuses that will appear between battles.

All the graphics of Threads of War are made of Ukrainian embroidery patterns. Vyshyvanka is a part of the Ukrainian cultural code, and the patterns on the embroidery are amulets that give strength and inspiration in protecting the country from dark forces. This metaphor is used in the game as the basis of the visual style.

The game will feature single-player and cooperative modes for two players in a shared screen mode, as well as boss battles and a level editor. The music of Threads of War will be 8-bit or chiptune stylizations of Ukrainian folk melodies.

Andriy Kostiushko creates the game design, graphics, and music for the game. His 11-year-old son is programming. The demo version of Threads of War should be released within two weeks, and the game is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2024. The game already has a Steam page, so add Threads of War to your wishlist. Moreover, the developers plan to donate 25% of the money earned to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.