Tesla has settled the case of the accident that killed Apple engineer Walter Huang. This was reported by Engadget.

This is a tragedy that happened in 2018. Back then, Huang’s Model X flew into the middle of a highway south of San Francisco (USA). The accident occurred when Tesla’s autopilot was on.

In 2019, the victim’s family filed a lawsuit against Tesla. The plaintiffs pointed to a 2016 interview in which CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla cars with autopilot can already drive with greater safety than humans.

They were also concerned about a demonstration video from the same year about self-driving. The lawyers intended to show that Walter Huang had been falsely misled into believing that he could trust his Model X to drive on the highway without being prepared to take over.

The company claimed that the autopilot was engaged during the accident, but the Apple engineer ignored three warnings from the car to put his hands on the wheel.

The case is now officially closed, as the automaker settled the lawsuit. This happened on the same day that the jury was to be selected. According to media reports, the lawyers asked the court to classify the details of the settlement agreement so that the exact amount paid by the company would not become public.