Google has introduced Google Axion, the company’s first dedicated Arm-based CPUs designed for data centers. The company claims Axion will deliver industry-leading performance and energy efficiency and will be available to Google Cloud customers later this year.

“At Google, we constantly push the boundaries of computing, exploring what is possible for grand challenges ranging from information retrieval, global video distribution, and of course generative AI. Doing so requires rethinking systems design in deep collaboration with service developers. This rethinking has resulted in our significant investment in custom silicon. Today, we are thrilled to announce the latest incarnation of this work: Google Axion Processors, our first custom Arm®-based CPUs designed for the data center,” the company writes in a blog post.

The company claims that Axion delivers up to 30% higher performance than other ARM processors available for data centers. According to Google, Axion will also deliver up to 50% higher performance and up to 60% better efficiency than current-generation x86-based processors.

Google Axion is built using the ARM Neoverse V2 CPU and the Armv9 standard. According to the company, this provides big performance jumps for workloads such as web servers, containerized microservers, open source databases, and more.

Axion is also based on Titanium, a system of specially designed silicon microcontrollers and multi-tiered scale offloading. Titanium offloading is responsible for networking and security. The company says that this gives Axion processors higher capacity and improved performance.