Alphabet, the parent company of Google, intends to buy HubSpot, a software company with a market value of $34 billion. This is likely to trigger a new wave of investigations by antitrust regulators. This was reported by Reuters.

Nevertheless, a number of experts and analysts said that such an acquisition would not hinder competition, as there are already enough companies that create significant competition in the customer relationship management space where HubSpot operates, such as Salesforce, Adobe, Microsoft, and Oracle.

According to Gartner’s 2022 research, HubSpot had only 4.9% of the market, while Salesforce and Adobe held 15% each.

However, experts still believe that Google’s deal will pose a new challenge to antitrust regulators in the US and the European Union, as they are averse to tech giants expanding by acquiring new services.

Google is reportedly still assessing the risks from antitrust regulators and is yet to make a final decision on its plans to acquire HubSpot.

So far, neither company has commented on the deal.