A journalist from Insider Gaming was able to watch the first episode of Amazon’s Fallout series before anyone else and shared his impressions and new details.

According to him, the series is not very friendly to viewers who are not familiar with the game universe at all. However, it becomes immediately clear that this is a series that is completely authentic to the original material and will appeal to Fallout fans.

In the first episode, Ella Purnell, who plays the main character Lucy, immediately grabs the stage and lets everyone know that she is not to be trifled with. The characters of Maximus and Gul were not shown much, but enough to reveal a little about their background and history.

The journalist also said that at the end of the first episode, viewers will be able to see about six stories, the development of which will be shown throughout the season.

Among other details, Fallout turned out to be very violent and this violence starts very early, but there are also comedy scenes, mostly with black humor. Of course, there are also erotic scenes, which the journalist calls inappropriate.

He also noted that the Brotherhood of Steel was shown to be incredibly strong, and the opening scene was very emotional. In general, they say to forget most of what was shown in the trailers and just start watching the series, because it is worth it.

Fallout will premiere on April 11 on Amazon Prime Video.