The French from the former PSA group are gradually introducing hybrid technologies for their cars. While Peugeot cars were the first to receive a “moderate” hybrid version of Peugeot, the lineup of HYBRID versions is now gradually expanding to other cars. For example, the new DS 3 HYBRID and DS 4 HYBRID were introduced.

Although the versions of the cars are new, the technology is already familiar: it is a combination of a 1.2-liter 136-horsepower turbo gasoline engine, a 28-horsepower electric motor, and a 6-speed automatic transmission with dual clutches. To power the electric motor, a small 0.9 kWh Li-ION NMC battery has been added, installed under the front seat.

The hybrid system has allowed the DS 3 and DS 4 models to improve their dynamics. For example, the DS 3 HYBRID accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 8.4 seconds, while its big brother, the DS 4 HYBRID, does the same in 10.4 seconds. In both cases, we are talking about a gain of more than 1 second of acceleration compared to similar cars equipped with a conventional PureTech 130 gasoline engine with a traditional 8-speed automatic. In addition, the new DS 3 HYBRID and DS 4 HYBRID deliver a reduction in fuel consumption of more than 1 liter in the same comparison.

Thus, the new DS 3 HYBRID and DS 4 HYBRID demonstrate improved dynamics and reduced fuel consumption. However, everything comes at a price: the starting price of the DS 3 HYBRID starts at around 35 thousand euros, and the starting price of the DS 4 HYBRID starts at almost 40 thousand euros.