For many months now, users have been complaining about problems with the MSI Z790 Tomahawk WiFi motherboard, saying that the system does not turn on at all or crashes during self-testing. Today MSI released a statement via Reddit confirming the findings of YouTuber Joshi Repair, who suggested that the cracks found on the PCH (chipset) of the affected motherboard were the result of a factory fault.

Z790 PCH crack

“Regarding the MAG Z790 TOMAHAWK WIFI incident, we’ve discovered that a minority of units may encounter non-functional PCH potentially resulting in Dead on Arrival (DOA) of the motherboard product. We have isolated the cause to a previously used chipset heatsink screw design and have taken proactive measures to address this issue,” MSI explained in a statement. “A revised chipset heatsink screw design has been implemented into our production, and the known cases have been resolved. We uphold high standards of responsibility and accountability, and want to assure affected customers can promptly receive product replacements. Please contact our local customer service center for assistance.”

Customers are advised to contact their nearest regional MSI service center to have the Z790 motherboard with the defective PCH replaced.

While it is commendable that MSI is replacing the boards after the failures received widespread media coverage, reports of the broken PCH chipset in the Z790 Tomahawk WiFi began at least nine months ago. Then one of the users told on Reddit that he had received a new Z790 Tomahawk WiFi motherboard and found a crack on the PCH chipset.

MSI did not confirm how many of its Z790 motherboards shipped with the faulty heatsink screw. In addition, the company only confirmed the problems with the Z790 Tomahawk WiFi and did not mention other models on the Z790 chipset that may be affected. However, it is claimed that the number of affected motherboards could be in the hundreds. The good news is that the root cause has been identified and a fix is currently being implemented on MSI’s production lines.