Teams at Apple are exploring the possibility of promoting personal robotics, an industry that could potentially become the company’s next big project. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing people in the know.

Apple engineers are developing a mobile robot that can follow users in their homes. According to the sources, the company is also developing a desktop home device that uses robotics to move the display.

The research is at an early stage and it is unclear whether these products will be released. Apple is under pressure to find new sources of revenue. In February, the company abandoned its electric car project, and the development of augmented reality glasses is expected to take years to become a major source of revenue.

With the help of robotics, Apple can “gain a foothold” in consumers’ homes and take advantage of artificial intelligence. But it is not yet clear what approach the company can take.

Apple investors reacted coolly to the news. At the close of trading in New York, the company’s shares rose by less than 1% to $169.65.

Shares of robot vacuum cleaner maker iRobot Corp. briefly jumped 17%, a sign that investors believed the company could benefit from Apple’s interest in the industry. However, the rally came to a halt, and by the close of trading, the growth was less than 2%.

Before the electric car project was canceled, Apple said that the company’s future revolved around three areas: automotive, home, and augmented reality.

The work on cars has obviously reached a dead end, and Vision Pro has appeared in the direction of augmented reality. So the focus has shifted to other future opportunities, including how Apple can better compete in the smart home market.