TSMC, the world’s largest manufacturer of advanced chips, has halted production and evacuated staff due to the largest earthquake in 25 years in Taiwan. The emergency occurred on April 3, writes Bloomberg.

“TSMC’s safety systems are operating normally. Preventative measures were initiated according to procedure and some fabs were evacuated. All personnel are safe, and those evacuated are beginning to return to their workplaces. The company is currently confirming the details of the impact,” the company said in a statement.

The company has now withdrawn personnel from certain areas and is assessing the impact of the 7.4 magnitude quake off the east coast. One of its local competitors, United Microelectronics Corp. has also suspended production in certain regions and evacuated some facilities in Xinzhou and Tainan.

TSMC is the main contract manufacturer of chips for Apple and NVIDIA. It is not yet known what the earthquake’s impact on production in Taiwan will be, but even a single tremor could be enough to destroy entire batches of chips.