Microsoft has released a list of games that will be added to the Xbox/PC Game Pass catalog in March 2024.

Available now:

Superhot: Mind Control Delete (Cloud, console та PC)

The sequel to the most innovative shooter I’ve played in recent years is back in the Game Pass library.


LEGO 2K Drive (Cloud and console) – April 3

Compete in races on various types of vehicles in the open world of LEGO. With branded humor and visual style.

Lil Gator Game (Cloud, console and PC) – April 4

A cozy game about a little crocodile and exploring a friendly and sunny world.

EA Sports PGA Tour (Cloud, PC and console) – April 4

Golf simulator by Electronic Arts.


Kona (Cloud, console) – April 9
A creepy walking simulator. During the game, you will have to explore an abandoned settlement during a blizzard. If the game looks familiar to you, Kona has already appeared in the Game Pass catalog.

Botany Manor (Cloud, PC, and console) – April 9

This is a simulator of a gardener in a large country estate. The game offers to study plants and organize special conditions for each one.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Cloud, console and PC) – April 11

The final third chapter of the modern reboot of the adventures of tomb raider Lara Croft. Game Pass also includes all the additional content in the form of 7 additional tombs, new weapons, equipment, and even skills.

Harold Halibut(Cloud, PC and console) – April 16

Harold Halibut is a hand-drawn stop-motion animation story game about friendship and life on a city-sized spaceship submerged in the ocean. The game is available immediately on Game Pass.

Also available for Game Pass subscribers:

  • Final Fantasy XIV Online: Starter Edition 
  • YouTube Premium 3 Month Trial
  • Battlefield 2042: Season 7 Field Kit

On March 15, the catalog will be discontinued:

  • Amnesia Collection 
  • Amnesia: Rebirth 
  • Back 4 Blood 
  • Phantom Abyss 
  • Research and Destroy 
  • Soma