HP decided to withdraw from the Russian market to comply with the sanctions imposed by the United States. But it did not go far, reports TechRadar referring to the Russian media outlet CNews.

The company’s website, which served as a “home” for downloading drivers and technical support in Russian, has now been moved to Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, Russian is the official language. Despite the discontinuation of online support, Russian customers can still access drivers for HP laptops, printers, and other equipment on the company’s website, which has been “moved out of Russia.”

TechRadar reports that Russian media outlet CNews was one of the first to complain about HP’s Russophobia, claiming that HP’s termination of operations took place without any prior notice.

HP took the first steps in this direction back in March 2022, announcing that it would stop selling equipment. However, it only took two months for the terrorist country to set up so-called “parallel imports,” which effectively rendered this change ineffective.